“For most of my life my mom had to go to school with me because I couldn’t really do stuff myself. Back then, I couldn’t move my legs or my right arm at all – I could only move my left arm.

I always enjoyed music, my entire life, but at the age of 15 my friend started playing the drums. He was like “oh, the guy from Def Leppard can play the drums, why can’t you?”

We figured out that I can hold two sticks in one hand and hit the snare and the hi-hat. My parents bought me like a two-hundred-dollar drum set for Christmas, and I mean like, it was probably plywood. Then we realized that you had to use your foot – that doesn’t work *laughs*.

I basically did what the girl in Kill Bill did, which is like, move your toe, move your foot, you know, move over at bit more at a time, because I wanted to play the drums so bad. It was like the first time I could see myself doing something, and so I really dedicated my life to it.

So, I went from playing the drums – trying to play the drums – for years and years, to being in a metal band. I mean it took me a long time, to gain the use of my legs, to be able to play the drums, but over time drumming actually made me better to where I can drive a car or stand up if I have to.

So, music has really molded the way my life has gone.

In October 2014, me and my friend decided to fly here (Los Angeles) to check out record labels. We’re looking for record labels, but we totally couldn’t find them right, like, they hide themselves, we obviously don’t know that, we’re from Oklahoma.

We went to meet with a producer named Unlike Pluto, and we came to the conclusion that I need to have an internship. I’m like “well, where can I intern bro?” and he’s like “there’s this studio called ICON Collective…” – so, he looked up Icon’s website and texted it to me. I look it up, and it’s a production school, I was like “are you kidding me, there’s actually production schools?”

I come and see the place, and I just never thought something like this existed, “people who want to do what I want to do?”

I do the music I do to show people that life, it’s okay. Life is fun. Growing up in a wheelchair, I didn’t really have someone to look up to. We need someone in a f****ing wheelchair. People are like “this is my limitation”, well f***k, I can’t walk up a flight of stairs. Stop being upset about what you’ve been given and do something. That’s the main part of what I do – why I do what I do – showing people if you want to do something stop having a f****ing pity party and realize you’re just as capable as anybody else.

Get Turnt, Stay Turnt – that’s my slogan.